Performer/composer Dom Coyote and Aimée Leonard, voice coach for London Southbank and Newcastle University have joined forces to develop a new Estill based voice studio, Work Your Voice. They are passionate about helping people develop versatile, healthy and authentic voices for performance. 

They now run online group classes every week. Come and see what your voice can do…

Open Group Session – Thursdays


Do you want to hit the high notes with ease?

​Do you want to find clarity in your tone?

​Do you want your voice to feel strong and healthy?​​

Each week, we explore new voice techniques, host open coaching sessions and tackle specific issues in a supportive environment


Artist’s Session

Mondays – 5pm-6.30pm

Worried your voice won’t make it through a week of shows?

Are you an actor who’d like to sing confidently?

Are there ‘gaps’ in your voice training?

Build confidence,

get vocally fit, discover new techniques

so your voice is ready for anything.

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