Earthbound, the album

Earthbound is the solo record from Dom Coyote.

I’d like to dedicate this record to my friend, collaborator and partner in crime, Ted Barnes.
Ted Believed in this collection of songs and in me, even when I didn’t believe in myself. Without him, this record would never have been made.

I wrote and recorded this album between 2014 and 2015, whilst living in my beloved campervan Harry, (who is now a cube, RIP Harry).
Five years ago! That’s a long time. The world has turned. A shed load. Five years. That’s before Trump, before Brexit, before Boris, before Extinction Rebellion, before Greta Thunberg was even a teenager, and of course, before Covid 19. Just a tiny drop in an ocean of world changing events. And at the time, my own world had turned and it felt earth shattering.

Everyday catastrophes, nothing special or unique. Relationship meltdown, sickness in the family, broke, miserable and drinking far, far too much whisky. Sound familiar? It was strange, I felt compelled to create music constantly, and at the same time to hide it away, to keep it safe from anything or anyone who might harm it. It was too precious, I was too skinless. But you know, it was only a record. I didn’t know that then, but I┬ádo now.

I’m writing this in self isolation, like most of the world right now.
Isn’t that amazing? How connected we are, all over the planet, whilst simultaneously being so removed from each other?
Amidst the strangeness of it all, it has given me time to breathe, to take stock and think about the work I’ve made over the years.
And my thoughts have kept returning to this record, how timely it seems to me now. How isolated I felt then, but amongst all the wonderful people around me who made the record possible.

So this one’s for the old me, and the ever generous Ted. For Jo, Anna, Daisy, Jack, Ali and Grace who gave their hearts and musicianship to the songs.

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